Jurupa Valley Police Department shoots and kills man

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Once again, a police murder with absolutely NO PRESS COVERAGE (please correct me if I'm wrong!)! And once again, sounds like the guy was unarmed, even if the pig is claiming that he says he had a gun. Why is it that if you tell them your name they don't believe you, but if you say you have a gun, then all of a sudden you are unimpugnable?

UPDATE: Found some coverage. See below:

Here's a link to the pig version of the story, from the RSD press release:


Update on Robert Shirar, murdered by CHP in Indio

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Here is an update about the police murder of Robert Shirar:


Man Shot and Killed by CHP Was Unarmed

By Adrianna Weingold

CREATED Jun. 21, 2012

INDIO--New details in the officer involved shooting in Indio that left one man dead and two officers on leave.

On an early morning in May Robert Shirar crashed his red truck into the median of I-10 and took refuge under a nearby over-pass. When officers arrived, they shot and killed him.


RSD shoots and kills man in crowded MoVal park

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The Riverside Sheriff's Department, Moreno Valley station, have taken the life of a man they accuse of "harassing children." However, according to the Press-Enterprise, witnesses dispute the sheriff's version of the story. Check the links:


MORENO VALLEY: Witnesses' accounts differ




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This story has been in the news a lot lately, especially since the trial has begun. This pig raped a woman who just got out of work from the bar he was drinking at in Ontario. One of his pig buddies helped him. Then he tried to use some bullshit defense about being "unconscious" because of Zoloft, an anti-seizure medication, alcohol, and because he has PTSD. The jury didn't buy it, a rare case of justice reaching even across the other side of the badge. Here's the latest article from the Daily Bull:


Update on Monique Hernandez, blinded by Beaumont police

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Wow! What a show of community support for the sister Monique Hernandez out in Beaumont! Incredibly encouraging to see! Here is an article from the Press-Enterprise:




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