More on Robert Shirar, killed by CHP

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It's a good thing that the Desert Sun is following up on this. Not asking the tough questions (where was Shirar shot, did he have a weapon, do the officers involved have a history of complaints, violence, excessive force, etc.) but following up nonetheless, which is much more than we can expect from the Press-Enterprise

Thanks to this coverage, we learn a little bit more about the man who was tragically stolen from his family and community on his wedding anniversary.


CHP kills Robert Shirar, 32, in Indio

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Pigs are at it again. This time they shot a man on the side of the freeway. No reports of any weapon yet, so it's likely he was unarmed. Check out the faux-coverage from the Press-Enterprise:

UPDATE: I-10 reopens in Indio after officer-involved shooting



Policing and Protest Friday May 25, 2012

As I am sure many of you know there will be lectures and insight being held on Friday May, 25, 2012 at UCR. There will be many great speakers to give you your true rights. Arm yourself with the knowledge of what is right and wrong, give yourself a voice, and let's make ourselves a vocal minority.

The link below will take you to a posting of the flyer, announcing the speakers, time, and place. Come join and become part of the rising tide.



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