Anti-police brutality march

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Copwatch IE is holding a march and rally in protest of the recent violence against peaceful protesters during the May Day march, as well as the misconduct, corruption and injustice that goes down every day in our community.

Since one of our comrades was arrested for riding a bike on the street, which is following the bike ordinances of Riverside, we are calling for as large a bike presence as we can get to ride along side the march through downtown and to the police department, then ride in the streets while we rally.

This is only the beginning of a campaign to clean up the Riverside Police Department. Please come to the Copwatch IE meeting on Wednesday at 7:30 for further planning of the rally (ie:speakers, sign making planning, route planning, ect...) as well as to begin the discussion of our demands (including the firing of the cop we have on camera hurting our another of our comrades) and strategies with which to achieve our goals.

I know that this is not very much time to plan, but we feel like something must be done asap, while May Day is still fresh in everyone's minds. See you all Saturday!