Lamon Haslip's mother files claim against murderous MoVal PD

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Here is an update on the Christmas-time shooting of 18-year-old Lamon Haslip, shot while handcuffed on the ground by Moreno Valley PD. The article also has information about other victimes of police violence in recent years, which makes it an informative read.

MORENO VALLEY: Claim filed in shooting of handcuffed suspect

BY BRIAN ROKOS STAFF WRITER March 28, 2013; 12:38 PM
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The mother of an armed, handcuffed man who was shot to death by a sheriff’s deputy in Moreno Valley has filed a claim against Riverside County that seeks at least $10,000 in damages.
Lamon Khiry Haslip, 18, of Ontario, was killed the night of Dec. 28 in the 25000 block of Fir Avenue.
Haslip, the Sheriff’s Department said in a news release at the time, fled a vehicle that deputies attempted to stop. A deputy caught up to Haslip, held him on the ground and handcuffed him. Haslip was then seen rolling onto his side, with a gun in his possession. One of the deputies then shot him, the Sheriff’s Department said.
The Sheriff’s Department, which provides police services in Moreno Valley, has declined to provide more specific details of the shooting, such as whether Haslip was on his back or his stomach and in what manner he was threatening officers with the gun.
The claim was submitted Feb. 27 by The Cochran Firm of Los Angeles on behalf of Haslip’s mother, Jewell Allen, of the Bronx, N.Y.
“Without warning, at least one respondent deputy repeatedly and unjustifiably discharged his department issued firearm at the person of Mr. Haslip, inflicting several gunshot wounds, which proved to be fatal,” said the claim, written by attorney Jamon R. Hicks.
“Witnesses will confirm that at the time of the shooting, Mr. Haslip laid on the ground handcuffed with his arms behind his back,” Hicks wrote. “Witnesses will further confirm that following the shooting, the involved deputies denied medical care to Mr. Haslip in a manner that demonstrated deliberate indifference to his constitutional rights.”
Hicks further wrote that the deputies were “negligently” trained.
Sheriff’s Sgt. Lisa McConnell said Thursday, March 28, that the department does not comment on pending litigation.
Claims such as this are typically rejected by the Board of Supervisors, which would set the stage for a lawsuit or negotiations on a settlement.
Hicks is representing several other Inland residents whose family members have been killed by law enforcement:
In December 2012, Lucas Hodson, of Moreno Valley, was shot to death when sheriff’s officials said he charged at deputies while holding an object inside a house. The Sheriff’s Department has not disclosed what type of object Hodson had in his hand.
In January 2012, three Riverside police officers shot to death David Ledezma, who authorities say wielded a pipe at officers. The claim said Ledezma was unarmed.
In December 2011, Mark Anthony Trujillo was shot to death in Perris. The Sheriff’s Department said he charged at deputies while holding a knife. The claim, however, contends Trujillo was unarmed and was shot without warning through a closed bathroom door.
The Cochran Firm also has represented Inland families in other high-profile cases.
A lawsuit against Riverside over the 1998 shooting death of Tyisha Miller by police officers was settled for $3 million in November 2000.
A lawsuit against Moreno Valley and the Sheriff's Department for the March 2001 shooting death of Dante Meniefield, who was unarmed, was settled for more than $2 million in July 2003.
A lawsuit against Corona over the December 2001 death of Abdullah Fakhry after a struggle with Corona police officers went to trial. A jury found in favor of the police officers in October 2004.
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