Riverside sheriff's deputy racially profiles, harasses, and confiscates property of Latinos in Lake Elsinore

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We have been getting reports from Lake Elsinore about a heavy police agency presence--both US Border Patrol and local police--who have been racially profiling Latinos, especially day laborers who look for work on street corners. Recently some of these reports were detailed and updated.

There is a sheriff's deputy who is assigned to the Lake Elsinore substation (which functions as a local police agency) named Bryan (or possibly Bryant) who pulls over Latino-looking or brown-skinned drivers in hopes that they are unlicensed, which allows him to impound the vehicle for up to thirty days. According to local residents, the tow company that contracts with the city is owned by a family member of the deputy in question.

Racial profiling is against the law, and these sorts police practices that feed into corrupt and nepotistic profit-making enterprises are the height of injustice. They can't get away with this kind of stuff in communities where the people are organized and vigilant. Rather, they take advantage of the remoteness of the area and the vulnerability of the low-income residents in order to target them and generate revenues for family businesses.