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Who is Cop Watch IE?

CWIE is a program, coalition, and network dedicated to the struggle that will end police terrorism through collecting information on and observing police activity, by offering support to those caught in the criminal injustice system, fighting for change without a reformist consciousness, and working side-by-side with oppressed communities*, and grass-root organizations to create revolutionary alternatives to policing, prisons, and all systems of domination, oppression and exploitation by building healthy, safe, and liberated communities.

Our Goals:

- Form neighborhood patrols within the communities we live and create community prevention methods to police terrorism
- Offer support to those people and their families harassed, brutalized and/or murdered by law enforcement agencies
- Develop intelligence through research and study groups
- Share resources, education, and trainings with communities interested in supporting and/or starting a Cop Watch chapter/patrol team
- Participate in the process of building autonomy, self-determination, and the self-organization of our many communities
-Coalition Building, and consolidated human rights organizations
-Create serve the people programs in the oppressed communities (i.e. food programs, free schools, free clinics and so on)

Cop Watching

...is just one arm of a larger movement we are a part of struggling to rid the universe of Imperialism, Capitalism, White Supremacy and Patriarchy - and for the freedom to determine our own political, economic and social organizations, liberated from structural oppressions and domination.

* We see the most 'oppressed communities' as working class and unemployed peoples of color (third world, undocumented, immigrants, citizens, etc.), especially women, queer and transgendered folks, youth, people with disabilities, and so fourth. We organize honoring the movements of the most oppressed and demand that those of us with privileges struggle as allies, not leadership!