More police infiltration of police oversight committees in the IE

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Following up on the investigation of local police commissions (where they exist), we'd like to publish one more email forwarded to us from a friendly source. This one is about the police commission in Claremont.

This is an issue with the appointment process by Council. If the League has concerns about this, the two Council members currently in charge of appointments to the Commissions are: Corey and Sam. There are two vacancies coming up in July and appointments will be made. We do have one commissioner who is an active law enforcement officer, the vice-chair, Darryl Qualls. In the past, a retired police officer, Carol Painter also served on the commission.

The officer in question works for Pasadena, where he is a deputy chief. He is also African-American, and, according to his bio ( he studied terrorism with the Israeli National Police. Now, if there is a current law enforcement officer on a commission along with six civilians, do you think those fine and upstanding people might be tempted to defer to his leadership and his expertise?