RPD strikes and injures blind man with cruiser

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What was it, about a year ago that an RPD officer struck an elderly woman who was crossing the street in the Casablanca neighborhood? And now we have another officer-involved collision, this time with a blind man? These officers for as much as they talk about "public safety," continue to reveal their hypocrisy every time they injure another community member through their negligence. We don't have much information here, but we will be posting as more becomes available.


RIVERSIDE: Police car hits blind man in crosswalk (UPDATE)
A police car hit a blind man in a Riverside intersection, sending him to a hospital with minor injuries, police officials say.

The accident happened at 6:10 p.m. Thursday, May 29, at Market and Third streets.

The victim, Kelly Hill, 46, of Riverside, who described himself as “totally blind,” was crossing with his white-and-red cane in hand when the collision occurred, he said.

He declined to comment further, saying he had not yet talked to a lawyer.

The officer was trying to make a left turn from the westbound lanes of Third Street to the southbound lanes of Market Street, Sgt. Ben Shafer said in a written statement.

Hill was walking east in the southern crosswalk, according to the statement.

Lt. Val Graham, spokesman for the police department, said they are investigating the incident and it was too early to discuss details.

Anyone with additional information may call the Police Department at 951-826-8720.