Analysis on Dante Parker case

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I want to take a moment to repost a mini-essay that analyzes the Dante Parker killing in the context of the amount of pain the victim suffered, as well as of the use of anti-insurgency and abusive tactics worldwide. Written by a friend of CWIE and of all oppressed people, Vik Chaubey.

Good to see that rally went good for Dante Parker in Victorville. I feel was the worst police killing I have seen since LA riots in 1992 in Southern California. it is getting a lot of attention on twitter. I mean it was just vicious the killing tasered to death. It is the only thing I have seen that compares to IDF killings in Gaza I have seen in this country. Police was ruthless this is something you see in war in Iraq, afghanistan or Gaza not US. It was good to see people of all races come together in Victorville. It is a city I know good. Dante Parker is an important story to follow.