Anti-Police Brutality

Policing and Protest Friday May 25, 2012

As I am sure many of you know there will be lectures and insight being held on Friday May, 25, 2012 at UCR. There will be many great speakers to give you your true rights. Arm yourself with the knowledge of what is right and wrong, give yourself a voice, and let's make ourselves a vocal minority.

The link below will take you to a posting of the flyer, announcing the speakers, time, and place. Come join and become part of the rising tide.


Anti-police brutality march

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Copwatch IE is holding a march and rally in protest of the recent violence against peaceful protesters during the May Day march, as well as the misconduct, corruption and injustice that goes down every day in our community.

Since one of our comrades was arrested for riding a bike on the street, which is following the bike ordinances of Riverside, we are calling for as large a bike presence as we can get to ride along side the march through downtown and to the police department, then ride in the streets while we rally.


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