Officer Diamond of the Pomona PD harasses the homeless

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We received a report from one of the members of the homeless community in Pomona about one particular officer who makes life difficult for him and other unhoused people in the Pomona area. The officer's name is Diamond--we have not yet been able to determine his first name or rank.

"Whenever he sees me he gives me a ticket. For loitering, littering, camping--whatever he can think of. Any excuse to get me a warrant and take me in."

The community member, who asked to remain anonymous for the purposes of this report, was sick of the mistreatment.


Rialto police harass man for criticizing them

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Shortly after being named as one of the most corrupt departments in the state by the CATO institute's police misconduct project, the Rialto Police Department is being accused of misconduct. According to a complaint filed by a man asserting he was targetted for speaking up about the unwarranted privileges that the police enjoy, a police officer pulled over and ticketed him in retaliation. No news to us here at CopWatch--we've been harassed and criticized plenty for doing the work that we do.


Coverage of arrest of Riverside CopWatcher

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We brought you this story just after the verdict was handed down. Now the press is starting to pick it up. Here's the link from the IE Weekly.


Collateral Damage

By Tommy A. Purvis

Posted November 29, 2012 in News

Photo courtesy of Cop Watch
An activist who documents instances of police misconduct has her own horror story to tell


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