Murrieta jury convicts copwatcher for observing downtown Riverside checkpoint

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This is a tragic update on a case we documented here back in May. It was one of CopWatch IE's first observation missions, of a downtown police checkpoint. It was also one of the first incidents of repression directed directly at Copwatchers for engaging in their constitutionally-protected right to observe and document police operations in public.

Here is a link to the original story, as reported on Los Angeles indymedia:



Karen Wright, 60, arrested and dragged by RPD for exceeding public comment time limit at city council meeting

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This was a story that made quite a few headlines. First that she was arrested, then that the officer who arrested her was following orders from the city attorney, then the city attorney's denial of the allegations. Yet another example of the authorities using force to squelch dissent when confronted with uncomfortable truths and people unwilling to timidly back down. Here's a rundown:



Riverside Rally in Solidarity of CA Prisoners Calling for End to All Hostilities

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All of Us or None, a group that has become active in the Riverside area around PIC and prisoners' rights issues, is holding a rally this coming Wednesday outside of Robert Presley Detention Center to call attention to the prisoner-initiated pact for peace. CopWatch IE is calling on our members and supporters to support this effort! Here is the link to the facebook event page:


And a quote from the event description:



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